Can you believe Sherry Roberts is living a double life?

Can you believe Sherry Roberts is living a double life?

     We have all heard the stories of the cliché traveling salesman who has two families in two places that are clueless as to the existence of the others.  But, to think that someone would actually lead a double life in this digital age and run for office in one of them is simply astonishing.  She not only proudly tells Ohioans that she lives there to get them to do business with her, but continues to represent to the Ohio Secretary of State that she is a resident of Ohio.

     Last week, I reported that Miami Beach Commission candidate Sherry Roberts is a Realtor in Ohio that boasts on her website that she is “living in Marblehead,” Ohio.  While that claim in itself would seem to disqualify someone from running for office in Miami Beach, I decided to dig a little deeper to see if these was an isolated incident or perhaps a mistake, or whether Ms. Roberts – excuse me, Ms. Kaplan Roberts –  actually does live in Ohio.  I did not have to look very far to find more.

On the blog section of the very same website shows that just last year she was thanking her “neighbors” in Ohio for coming to the opening of her new real estate office there.  She even said they were bringing their “skills [from] South Beach to Ohio.”  Maybe she’s trying to counter Lebron James’ taking his “talents [from Ohio] to South Beach?”

But, it turns out she this isn’t the only place online that Sherry has made it clear that she lives in Ohio!



Even more alarming, according to the Ohio Department of State, Sherry Roberts has repeatedly – and as recently as last year – filed documents declaring that she is a resident of Ohio.  In fact,  not only has she declared this recently, but she has continues to maintain that she is an Ohio resident to the Ohio Department of State to this day – even though she is running for Miami Beach Commission.

According to the Ohio Department of State, Ms. Roberts is the “Statutory Agent” of three active Ohio entities (see links below).   And Ohio’s Statutes makes it clear that in order to be a Statutory agent, one must be “a resident of this state [- Ohio]” and are obligated to notify the Secretary of State if “any agent … removes from the state [of Ohio].”

     Essentially, Sherry Roberts is living a double life.  Telling those of us in Miami Beach that she “came to Miami Beach in 1996 fell in love with this city and never left” and filing documents with our City Clerk attesting that she has is and has been a resident of Miami Beach in order to have her new name placed on the ballot.  Yet, at the same, she is declaring herself to the Department of State of Ohio as a resident of Ohio and telling people there that she is “living in Marblehead[, Ohio]” and only “spends her winters in Miami Beach.”  Not to mention the disparity between her lovely waterfront home in Ohio, compared to her staying at Canyon Ranch when she is kind enough to grace us with her presence in Miami Beach.

Can it be that Ms. Robert, excuse me, Ms. Kaplan Roberts (forgot she wants us to think she’s more Jewish), thinks that the people of Miami Beach are so naïve that they would fail to even Google her to discover her other life?  Does she think we should have to find her in Ohio when we have a problem in Miami Beach?  Does she think she will be able to have the city pay for her to fly from Ohio to attend Commission meetings if she miraculously was elected?  If she does, why hasn’t she been honest with us instead of claiming she “came [here] in 1996 … and never left?”

Sherry simply reminds me of the tired story of the traveling salesman who is discovered to have two families that have no idea that they aren’t his only family. The good news is we have found out about the other family before we’ve walked down the aisle and been asked to say “I do.”  For one, I can tell you “I don’t.”




The final entity, Lake Erie Boutique Realty, filed just last year and is relatively new.

*Here is the form in which she acknowledges she accepts the appointment. (

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